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Characteristics to look for when buying a saddle

Buying a saddle is a real dilemma because this purchase is the most important to mount correctly and maintain your horse. Indeed a high-end saddle is essential in terms of riding because in addition to allowing you to improve your position once in the saddle, it will also make sure never to hinder your horse in his movements so that he never be injured because of his saddle. Finally and like any quality object, a high-end saddle will always be in impeccable condition even if it's been over 10 years since you have it, all of course if you regularly maintain the leathers. For stool maintenance, it is important to do it regularly so that it always remains in perfect condition. Greasing the leathers will allow it to be always flexible and this rule is to be respected even more in winter if your saddle is in a small shelter. Indeed in winter the leathers stiffen because of the temperature and it is by never caring for your leather and never hydrating that they risk cracking in the middle of the session. The maintenance of your saddles is therefore essential, and obviously the maintenance of the leathers is not only valid for the fine used saddle but also for all horse equipment containing leather. If your equipment is not made of leather but of synthetic material, it is also necessary to maintain it well, often moisturizing the material, and as with leather, the material is most likely to fail in winter. In fact with low temperatures, the synthetic nets for example will stiffen as much as possible and risk breaking if they are not maintained a minimum. So to have riding equipment that lasts over time, its maintenance is essential.


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